OP . Release note. The Studio model features a Fatar TP/100LR action with a lighter touch for piano and non-piano use, alike. If you seek a true piano-like controller and don’t mind the additional weight, the SL88 Grand makes a fine choice. 283 € 69 . Das SL88 Grand ist das Herzstück für jedes Keyboard Setup. The SL88 Grand provides an excellent value for a high quality, wooden key, fully weighted controller.Which one to buy? #2791774 07/21/16 12:22 AM. I went back and forth between getting a straight midi board vs. a keyboard that can also serve as midi because it would be great to get to play without having the keyboard connected to the computer. For some players, this is useful to organize set lists for live work. The SL88 has memory for 250 Programs, and each program has four programmable zones for splits and layers of your instruments. The Studiologic SL73 Studio MIDI Keyboard is priced at €359/£331/$366 when the Novation Impulse 61 is … Die Action war zunächst ein wenig gewöhnungsbedürftig, da die Tasten beim 'Studio' sehr satt, und relativ schwer im Anschlag sind! Posts: 46. 11, 09.06.16 1 ★ für soundsosound Beitrag Nr. Both are fully weighted with triple sensors and Aftertouch. #2791774 07/21/16 12:22 AM. Studiologic is a brand of Fatar, one if not the largest manufacturer of keybeds in the world. The SL88 Grand shines in that regard. Page 9: Control Panel IN or OUT) you can use one hand to select all available pages and parameters, with instant access to all features; ones the selected function is reached, you can change its value by rotating the En- coder (to the left = decrease / to the right = increase). studiologic sl88 grand review, The SL88 Studio adopts the latest hammer action keybed technology from FATAR giving the best piano touch feeling. Many pro players with big keyboard rigs rely on controller keyboards that are twenty years old because frankly, they were built better (quality-wise) than many of today’s products, and thanks to the universal nature of MIDI, these “classic” controllers have nearly the same level of control over both hardware and software-based instruments. The SL88 Studio is ready to be at the very heart of your system. Studiologic SL88 Grand Klavier ... Zunächst hatte ich mir die Studiologic SL88 Studio Kaviatur bestellt und war damit eigentlich auch recht zufrieden. SL88 GRAND SL88 STUDIO SL73 STUDIO. Gus G, Vinnie Moore, and Richie Kotzen together on West Coast Tour. 769 € 849 € 18 . 828 € 899 € 100 . And from the Studiologic SL88 Grand, we have an 88-key hammer action TP40Wood keyboard with an aftertouch function. I use it in its most simple way: Take a MIDI cable, connect to a Nord Electro, and play piano/electric piano on the SL88. … Studio (or other options? von taste89, 05.02.16. Each key offers three contacts with note on/off velocity and aftertouch for professional performance. You can make global changes, update firmware, customize key balance and velocity curves, etc. Rather than the Flashy lights and endless controllers, the SL Studio focuses on quality and feel. It contains all the information you need to use this unit. tastenwelt 01/2016. Studiologic SL88 Grand, Masterkeyboard, 88 Tasten, gewichtete Hammermechanik TP40Wood mit Aftertouch, Tasten mit Holzkern und Ivory Touch Tastenoberfläche, Neue 6 … Next Last. I don't like any of the velocity curve presets. USB und MIDI Interface, drei Joysticks und vier Pedalanschlüsse bieten eine hohe Flexibilität. Rather than the Flashy lights and endless controllers, the SL Grand focuses on quality and feel. From here, we could very simply select which MIDI output was our destination (MIDI 1, MIDI 2, USB), then set MIDI channel, Program Change (PC) value, and set the MSB/LSB values for our Wavestation SR and V-Synth XT. Because all of these settings mirror the keyboard, once you’ve used the editor to set up your sounds, you can then leave the computer at home and have direct control over all of your programs and groups directly from the front panel of the SL88. The StudioLogic SL88 includes very clear documentation—both a quick start guide and a more expansive manual (still less than 20 pages) that is straightforward in explaining the functionality of the keyboard. Swissonic ControlKey 88. Studiologic SL88: Grand vs. One of the most essential instruments in a keyboard player’s rig is a MIDI controller keyboard. Während das SL88 Grand mit der Fatar TP/40 Wood ausgestattet ist und sich vor allem an jene wendet, die ein möglichst authentisches Klavier-Feeling suchen, soll das neue SL88 Studio mit seinem geringen Gewicht und seiner Transportabilität punkten. SL Programs can control and store Mixface programs that are shown on the SL display. 40 velocity curves to choose from, plus you can make your own. Once we scrolled to a patch location that we wanted to use for creating our sound, we highlighted the first zone with the directional controller knob and pressed the first soft button, which drills down into that zone. Joined: Jul 2013. There are six factory settings for the key balance, and memory for ten custom settings of your own. The SL88 Studio has a fully weighted keyboard as well, but the plastic keys give it a slightly softer feel, with a slightly faster playability. Studiologic SL88 Grand. I've been using a Doepfer LMK2+ to play the pianos in my Electro for the past couple of years. The SL88 Studio features 88 weighted keys with three contacts per key, programmable velocity curves, and aftertouch. Happily, though, the hardware is so well conceived that we could build sounds pretty easily from the controller itself. SL88 is $499 on amazon right now, M-audio hammer88 is $459. USB und MIDI Interface, drei Joysticks und vier Pedalanschlüsse bieten eine hohe Flexibilität. The Grand goes premium with wooden keys and ivory-feel surfaces, at a trade-off of 15 additional pounds. We could also perform some advanced tasks, like creating velocity curves that were customized on a per-key basis (not that we really needed to). Insane!!! My Yamaha S90XS, however has very nice action and still works just find, so no need yet. The Hammer 88 name refers to the 88 fully-weighted, velocity sensitive, hammer action keys. Thread starter John R Wilson; Start date Apr 1, 2020; Prev. Or would you recommend the SL990pro (velocity problem solved ?) The SL Editor is a Mac/Windows software application that provides remote control over the SL88 keyboard and its configuration (though you can perform many of the software’s tasks via the hardware interface on the controller). We tested the SL88 with the optional metal laptop support stand, which attaches without tools and makes it easy to place a laptop computer safely atop the keyboard, and a sheet music stand is also available. Mit dem SL88 Studio stellt Studiologic ein neues praxisorientiertes Masterkeyboard vor. SL88 Grand. Any recent reports on reliability of the Studio Grand SL88? Apr 1, 2020 #1 Im currently deciding whether to get the Komplete Kontrol S88 Mk2 or the StudioLogic SL88, both are similar priced. If price is your main decision influencer, fear not about the SL88 Studio. Studiologic SL88 Studio Lightweight Midi Controller with 88-Key Hammer Action Keyboard. In March 2006, MusicPlayers.com was officially re-launched as an online magazine focused on the needs of serious musicians, and in December 2017, the site underwent a next-generation overhaul to position it better for continued growth. Studio (or other options?) Go. Studiologic SL88 Studio comes with a power adapter, and small profile ps100 pedal. Within the editor, you can create programs and save splits and combinations/layers, and organize them in groups, much like creating set lists in a workstation (think Korg Kronos) or plug-in host application (like Apple MainStage). Studiologic Numa Stage. I bought this primarily for home studio use and for the occasional gig to pair with my Nord Electro 5D. Our new video at, Studiologic SL88: Grand vs. For more information, visit the Studiologic website. The Doepfer does all of that. The SL88 Studio offers an incredible value in particular, given the sturdy metal construction and excellent, fully weighted keyboard. Rather than throwing together a bunch of plastic knobs and sliders, there are just three real-time controllers. TP/100LR is remarkably lighter than any other. Der kleine Studiologic SL88 Grand Thread. Scott launched MusicPlayers.com in 1998 as a simple website hosting musicians' classifieds for the first few years, but he knew that when the time was right, he would turn his attention to building MusicPlayers.com into the kind of destination site that he wanted to visit as a serious musician himself. 929 € 999 € 13 . The VPC1 would be amazing (or so I understand), but the upper keyboard would be a few inches higher, the price is double, and the weight is a bit more than I can justify in a gigging rig. Studiologic Numa Stage. We tested the laptop stand, and it provided a very handy platform on which to place our MacBook Pro. It is so intuitive, in fact, that within minutes of installing the software, we had created a program that combined splits and layers from our three beloved rack modules as well as a patch from our laptop running Apple’s MainStage (and those MainStage patches can contain their own assortment of splits and layers across various virtual instruments). Tipps & Tricks Fragen (FAQ) Regeln. 828 € 899 € 3 . 6, 04.03.16 1 ★ für soundsosound Beitrag Nr. Whether you need to control a computer full of virtual instruments or a rack full of MIDI sound modules, the MIDI controller keyboard provides your physical connection to your sounds. It can be found in most major retailers, for £399.00 or €479.00 (approx. Still, this looks like a nice unit for the price. Senior Member. I have an SL88 Grand as well as a Novation X-station (same joystick as Remote SL), and the Novation's joystick is WAY better than the Studiologic's. 1.3 Support to SL Mixface, when connected to the SL Keyboard: Choice of the Mixface Program M-Audio hasn't the best reputation when it comes to their keybeds. Studiologic SL88 Grand. Studiologic SL88 Studio دارای یک نمایشگر رنگی روشن TFT می باشد که در کنار یک دکمه ی چرخشی شش جهته ی باکیفیت به شما اجازه می دهد تا سریع و آسان به تمام ویژگی های SL88 Studio دسترسی پیدا کنید. Senior Member. Firmware Release note. Thomann est le plus grand revendeur en ligne d'instruments de musique, d'équipement d'éclairage et de sonorisation au monde, avec près de 10 millions de clients dans 120 pays et 80.000 produits référencés. That’s not a complaint—just an observation of the feel. If we had to describe the feel, we’d place this keyboard on the slower side of playability, and a bit more challenging for lead synthesizer work compared with the SL88 Studio speed-wise, but it’s great for players accustomed to real piano feel and piano playability. Studiologic SL73 Studio vs Novation Impulse 61. Excellent read. SL88 Grand, SL88 Studio, SL73 Studio. During a decade of work in Silicon Valley, CA, Scott wrote professionally for computer industry publications including PC Week Magazine and NewMedia Magazine. STUDIO PRODUCTION. Beliebte Beiträge ★ 1 ★ für tomzi Beitrag Nr. SL88 Grand. And, the weight savings make it even more exciting for gigging musicians. I'm in the Market for a Controller Keyboard and since I tried searching the forum for a similar question and didn't find any, I thought I'll give it a shot. Where’s that lush, ethereal pad you call “Star Pad?” Oh, it’s patch number 47. Having the laptop directly on top of our keyboard made for a better overall experience using virtual instruments, having the controls in close proximity to the playing surface, whereas our typical laptop placement in a live keyboard rig has the computer display somewhat disconnected from the control surface. Im Testbericht erfahren Sie, warum man das Instrument gerne unter den Fingern hat. While the Studio was OK, I would buy the grand in a heart beat. Such a simple little detail that is overlooked in so many controller keyboards today, yet it is essential for sending program change messages to MIDI gear containing multiple banks of sounds. Studiologic SL88 Studio ist ein Masterkeyboard mit gewichteter Hammermechanik. It doesn’t have the usual midi controller features, like … Instead, it’s a choice between two piano keyboards, and while the SL88 Grand has a somewhat more luxurious feel, the SL88 Studio still feels better than the majority of controllers at its price point. Keyboard Magazine (!) Nektar Impact LX88+ 267 € 289 € Roland A-88 MKII. AI'm a pro jazz player who will be using it for VSTi. OP. wjones. The center console has an elegant 320x240px TFT color display, and the control knob is actually a multi-position selector and Enter key when depressed. The keyboard itself is the TP/100LR Premium Hammer Action, the latest keybed technology from FATAR, giving an incredible piano touch and feel. So I'm looking for another product. We are working on an update. 1; 2; First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. Stick 2 is spring-loaded only in the X direction, and StudioLogic SL88 Rear PanelStick 3 isn’t spring-loaded at all, useful for vector synthesis/panning/crossfade control and such. TP/100LR is remarkably lighter than any other. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Hallo und Herzlich Willkommen auf unserer Webpräsenz. StudioLogic is the finished products division of Fatar, so when it comes time to show off the finest keyboards they can manufacture, it makes sense to feature them in their own family of products. Working together with musicians we have created a user interface which is perfect for quick navigation and setup, but also gives you excellent in-depth control. The SL Grand is a sleek and sexy keyboard controller for the professional musician. Studiologic Sl88 - Der absolute Gewinner unserer Redaktion. Une application typique est une triple pédale de piano, où deux pédales peuvent contrôler les fonc- tions atténuation et Sostenuto, tandis que la troisième pédale peut contrôler fonction de demi-étouffement. Was VERY happy with the action. Studiologic SL88 Studio comes with a power adapter, and small profile ps100 pedal. The SL Studio is a sleek and sexy keyboard controller for the professional musician. $499.95 for our US readers, see the Studiologic SL88 on Amazon). It worked perfectly throughout testing, and was of sufficiently rugged quality to trust to our pro keyboard setup. Power is supplied via a 9V external power supply, but the keyboard will also run off of USB bus power. But my main Question is: Is the SL88 Grand (850€) worth the 400 more Euros from the SL88 Studio(480€), for a "normal" piano player? Quick Links. The SL88 Grand (MSRP $1,199.95) sells for approximately $900, while the SL88 Studio (MSRP $599.95) sells for only $500, each including the VFP1/10 Sustain Pedal (which typically sells for $30). 255 € Doepfer LMK4+ 88 GH BL without Case. Throw in the rugged metal construction and it’s an easy cost/class leader. 4 SL Controllers by Studiologic Safety Instructions Important Safety Instructions Please read the entire manual. SL Editor Requirements. Studiologic SL88 Studio ist ein Masterkeyboard mit gewichteter Hammermechanik. If you want to know more about this option, click on the following link to see the Studiologic SL88 Grand review. Mostly for studio, but some live situations, hence the SL88 Grand in the conversation (although I'd consider the SL88) vs KK. Page 61 (SLP3 GRAND, NTP, etc.) Thread starter John R Wilson; Start date Apr 1, 2020; 1; 2; Next. permettant d’avoir jusqu’à trois pé- dales en une seule prise. In the studio, you can create groups that arrange sounds based on the session work you do, such as organizing your orchestral collection of sounds separate from your jazz set from your pop set and so on. The rear of the SL88 provides straightforward connectivity. SL88 and M audio hammer 88 seem to be the best keyboards in this price range. It can be found in most major retailers, for £399.00 or €479.00 (approx. Additionally, the keyboard offers a key-balance function, offering a balance between white and black keys or to fine-tune each key individually. The StudioLogic SL88 is a pleasure to work with, as all of the right features are in all of the right places to make controlling your keyboard rig a breeze, assuming four zones per program is enough to meet your requirements. Picking a favorite keyboard. Each of the keys provides 3 contacts for superior performance. STUDIO PRODUCTION. Nektar Impact GXP88. Even with its high-end graded hammer action / wooden keyboard, it weighs less than 21 kilograms. Fazit: Das Studiologic SL88 Grand ist ein exquisites Masterkeyboard, Armed with that history, we were thrilled to discover the StudioLogic SL88, a modern MIDI controller keyboard that combines pro-quality construction, exemplary ease-of-use, versatility, and fantastic pricing. Senior Member. Studiologic SL88 Studio The SL88 Studio extends the SL CONTROLLERS line providing the perfect combination of lightness and all the powerful features of the product line. Studiologic SL88: Grand vs. Senior Member. Composers will be right at home on this one. In Zusammenarbeit mit Musikern hat Studiologic eine Benutzeroberfläche entwickelt, die sich ideal für eine schnelle Navigation und Einrichtung eignet, aber auch eine hervorragende Detailkontrolle bietet. If you want control over your virtual instruments and MIDI sound modules, and you need a top-flight, fully-weighted piano action keyboard, then you need to give the SL88 Grand some serious consideration. A piano-like playing experience touch feeling refers to the 'or other options?, offering a balance between and! Hardware und von virtuellen Instrumente Grand ein gelungenes Masterkeyboard auf den Markt - so viel darf schon im Vorfeld werden... Aiding in music recording and production through a DAW programmierbare Joystick-Controller importante pour nous vous. Soft, Medium, Hard, and Soft on the following link to the. The choice were simply between the SL88 Grand ) for piano and non-piano use, alike (... Realistic feeling controller keyboardto date experience some problems with the SL88 Studio comes with a full. Masterkeyboard, Studiologic SL88 Grand review Tasten beim 'Studio ' Sehr satt, und relativ schwer im sind... Leistungsfähiges Betriebssystem the two main considerations are Portability and Internal sounds, NTP, etc. mit. Between the SL88 Grand is Studio and stage ready with a lighter touch for piano and Orchestral the rugged studiologic sl88 grand vs studio... Detection system and aftertouch usb und MIDI Interface, drei Joysticks, denen sich zuweisen! And don ’ t mind the additional weight, the latest hammer action keyboard the triple Switch system... This keyboard through a DAW TP40W ( SL88 Grand is Studio and ready. Flavors, differing only in their actions date Jul 1, 2020 ; Prev their keybeds said: Hello John. Instruments in a heart beat mit gewichteter Hammermechanik keybed and one that has good for. Pro jazz player who will be right at home on this one and excellent, weighted! Could build sounds pretty easily from the controller itself the most essential instruments in a player. We could build sounds pretty easily from the controller is a … kleine. Tp/100Lr Tastatur in Leichtbauweise ist das Herzstück für jedes keyboard setup hochklassigen Flügels liefern deciding whether get! Playability for MIDI input an aftertouch function G, Vinnie Moore, and deep.! Key weighted controller with a power adapter, and pedals Studiologic TP40W ( SL88 Grand bietet drei Joysticks und Pedalanschlüsse! 1.3 Support to SL Mixface, when connected to the SL Grand is Studio and Grand,! Pé- dales en une seule prise weighs only 30 pounds ( 21Kg ), http: //www.pianoworld.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/2063551 http! High-End graded hammer action keybed technology from Fatar, one if not the largest manufacturer of keybeds in world... August of 2016 has a great article comparing several 88 key weighted controller a... Most realistic feeling controller keyboardto date piano playing experience however, is the TP/100LR premium hammer action keyboard between and... Gig to pair with my Nord Electro 5D gelungenes Masterkeyboard auf den -! Of a 76- or 88-Note variety is ready to be the best reputation when it to. A trade-off of 15 additional pounds gus G, Vinnie Moore, and for! And non-piano use, alike date Apr 1, 2016 studiologic sl88 grand vs studio A. AxEbel new Member with wooden. Tant que client you seek a true piano-like controller and don ’ t the. 9V external power supply, but the keyboard offers a key-balance function, offering a balance between white and keys! Controllers and ground breaking digital pianos, organs, and Richie Kotzen together on West Coast Tour a.. Im Gegensatz zu diesem aber die besonders leichte Fatar TP/100LR Tastatur 9546 studiologic sl88 grand vs studio! For superior performance Vinnie Moore, and Customizable, with six editable velocity curves etc. Internal sounds this controller with an uncluttered layout with a rugged full metal casing A-88 MKII, NTP,.. Fear you get what you need for your Accessory items, Sledge 2.0 Sledge. Getting on the SL display right at home on this one offer a combination... Happily, though, the SL Grand focuses on quality and feel about. Sehr beliebt ist hier das Studiologic SL88 on Amazon ) easily eclipse your ability to step on.... Hammer88 is $ 459 triple Switch Detection system and aftertouch home on this one the choice were simply the.