A spilled soda perhaps? FrightFind's 2019 guide to the top haunted houses in your state. Situated in the town of Lee, the Haunted Overload goes to movie quality sets and special effects to bring the best frights possible to unsuspecting attraction goers. Undertakers, Morticians and Grave Diggers, oh my! The new attractions for this year are called Hexex, Paranoia Haunted House and Quarantine. FrightFind It: The Dent Schoolhouse in Cincinnati, OH Ranked #6 Scariest Haunted Attraction by U.S. City Traveler, Frightmare Manor in Knoxville is the most notorious haunted attraction in all of Eastern Tennessee. This haunted attraction definitely supports the claim that Texas haunted houses are the best in the country. Hope it’s water? The SCARIEST Haunted Houses in AMERICA — 2019’s Top 13 Haunts. If you thought that Stephen King’s house was Maine’s scariest place, you haven’t seen anything yet! But enough waiting – Prepare yourselves for FrightFind’s must-see haunts in every state – 2019! FrightFind It: Barret’s Haunted Mansion in Abington, MA The Paranoia Haunted House is another one of the most talked-about haunted attractions in Georgia. Below is a list of Top 15 Most Haunted Places In The World (America’s Real Ghosts Houses Photo & Spooky Story). You’ll get your chance if you try your luck inside Dr. Den of Darkness is over three stories and chock full of living nightmares. The Manor is a faded southern estate where not monster stalks you, but the souls of his former victims do! This haunted attraction definitely supports the claim that Texas haunted houses are the best in the country. Ask them about purchasing a RIP ticket! So run, don't zombie walk, if you want to experience all this Washington haunted house has in store! KillGore’s 3D Circus is the most frightening show under the big top that will have the severed body parts flying. . FrightFind It: Zombie Toxin in Junction City, KS Ranked Florida’s #1 Haunted Attraction and USA Today’s Reader’s Choice Top 20 Haunt in the entire U.S., Enigma Haunt is critically acclaimed and brutally terrifying! In fact, the south is full of great spots! Haunted Hayride takes you and your friends on the deepest and darkest journey into the night where a demented assortment of redneck pig butchers, psycho clowns, and demonic creatures of the night await your every turn. Halloween means costumes, horror movies, haunted houses and a celebration of all things scary. Voted the #1 Haunted Attraction in Chicago by the Chicago Tribune, Buzzfeed, and USA Today, Basement of the Dead is king when it comes to knowing how to do scares right! David Moscow’s directorial debut thriller “DESOLATION” releases January 26th! For the most discerning and veteran haunted attraction goer, there are chilling specials at certain times during the Halloween season. The Old Circus Freakshow, Custer Manor, Post Asylum, and Guard House II provide not so subtle levels of fear and horror that even some of the most veteran haunted attraction goers have been known to flee midway through. You’ll leave Necropolis feeling like you escaped a very dark and sinister world that lurks just below the surface. Now *that* is how to Halloween. Enjoy! Can you survive this forthcoming flood of fright? If you want to catch a thrill or experience a real haunted place, then we can get you there. Have horror related content you'd like to share? If you're looking for a haunted place or attraction to visit near you, check out these real-life haunted houses, hotels, hospitals, prisons We can assure you, the darkness they speak of does not just mean the absence of light. Ranking the Best Haunted Houses in America for Halloween. “FATALLY YOURS” candy collection from Vegan Treats, pre-orders now available! FrightFind It:  Destination Haunt in Lebanon, ME As one emotionally scarred haunt goer said, “I was so scared that I couldn’t even make it past the first room!”, FrightFind It: Nightmare on 17th St in Cheyenne, WY, See all our Haunted Houses & Places in Wyoming, 2018 guide to the top haunted houses in America, 2017 guide to the top haunted houses in America, 2016 guide to the top haunted houses in America, 2015 guide to the top haunted houses in America. Spread out over five acres, Nightmare at Gravity Hill in Jackson literally has a fright for everyone. This haunt is well-built, and definitely designed with terror in mind. Runner Up: Brighton Asylum in Passaic, NJ. Want to promote an upcoming event? However, one thing that does not change is this attraction’s dedication to using larger than life skeletons and ghouls that stand nearly fifty feet tall so as to demonically tower over the easily frightened! Rated as the #1 Haunted Attraction for Western Montana, the Field of Screams in Victor, just outside of Missoula, is one wicked place to visit! Looking forward to Halloween? In the 1970s, a farmer had his lands severed by a state highway that cut through his property. Special celebrity guest for the season-opening includes Bonnie Aarons, who portrayed the demonically centered nun Valak in the Conjuring 2 as well as her own film, The Nun! FrightFind It: Misery Haunted House in Berlin, WI This is definitely a Halloween destination if we ever saw one! FrightFind It: Bennett’s Curse in Baltimore, MD Dates: Select Dates from September 27 to November 3, 2019 Midnight Terror also offers escape rooms and axe throwing on-site! Rage introduces you to a chemically induced nightmare you’ll never wake up from. At times the actors are above you, climbing along contraptions built to challenge your senses and cause you to duck and move around them, screaming all the while! Runner-Up: Milburn’s Haunted Manor in Hubbard, OR. Ulster Park, New York . If you are looking for a real haunted scare of a treat this season…Haunted Hell and Devil’s Dungeon BOTH will surely give you the thrill you seek and MORE! While we love zombies, it was insanely refreshing to see something new! Fear Itself is considered by many industry experts to be the Best Haunted House in Indiana, as well as one of the Best Haunted Houses in the Michigan area. Six sinister attractions await even the most unsuspecting of veteran haunt goers. Paired alongside amusement park rides, Frightland spares no expense when it comes to thrilling and terrifying horror park fans. Cold Blood will make you tread ever so slightly through an elaborate pathway, avoiding detection from one of nature’s cruelest creatures. The building used to be a former laser tag arena that has been transformed into a multilevel haunted house maze. The only thing scarier than venturing out into a forest late at night is doing it in a haunted one! Think she’s the only scare here? If you have any blood pressure left, Hotel Fear brings alive some of horror’s most frightening ghosts up close and personal to you. Founded in 1985, this mostly family-friendly haunt is looking to secure a new location currently but it will be up and running. As always, we are not here to rank or tell you which killer clown is scariest (clearly it’s Pennywise); we are just here to bring you at least one haunted house to visit in every state. And if you have the survivor skillset, then try your hand at Mid-South Zombie Apocalypse Paintball! Fear Overload Scream Park was named the best Haunted House in the West, and one of the scariest haunted houses in the US, and for good reason. “We only use real ghosts . This is a scream park not taken lightly. FrightFind It: Requiem Haunted House in Caldwell, ID Find the top haunted houses near me on USA's Greatest Haunts. Runner Up: Haunted Grandview Manor in Sanford, ME. Standing and sprawling on over fifty terrifying acres, this eerie attraction features three official haunts combined into one supremely haunting experience. Psycho clowns just wanting to show you their hideous faces under those demented smiles. Celebrating its 18th year in scaring North Dakotans senseless. This terrifying haunted tour takes you deep inside the dark and bloodthirsty secrets of the Meadview Sanctuary where some of the most hideous patients still reside. Find frights at the best haunted destinations in the U.S. October 19, 2020 // By 10Best Editors By 10Best Editors October 19, 2020 Photo courtesy of iStock / … Von Monschture’s Head Shed, where you’ll have 5 minutes or less to escape lest you become devoured by a pack of starving zombies. Can you survive the blackout maze? FrightFind It: The Beast in Kansas City, MO Featuring 5 award winning haunted attractions this is America’s biggest and best indoor screampark. In fact, the attraction is built on top of a former funeral chapel and has been verified by a paranormal group as haunted! The Underground is a mature audience only stroll down into the foul and repulsive world of underground street ghouls. Find the Best Haunted Houses in The World and Across America rated and reviewed by Hauntworld.com. Or as one reviewer put it, “this place is way more terrifying than Alcatraz was!”, FrightFind It: Thrillvania in Terrell, Tx FrightFind It: Factory of Terror in Fall River, in RI LaLaurie Mansion was home to Madame Delphine LaLaurie, who later became known as the Cruel Mistress of the Haunted House. These mesmerizing ladies perform every night, so you can’t miss them! writes Yelp user Samantha V. about Fright Factory Haunted House , located in Buckley. VIP ticket plans are available and an absolute must for this horror crowd-pleaser. The Edge of Darkness is a MUST-SEE! Happy ghost hunting! This haunted attraction is definitely next level. Want to be truly frightened this Halloween? Plus Pumpkin Glow in Lisle and other Halloween events. Clown College 4D is anything but funny when you are up close and personal with the most disgustingly demented clowns ready to pounce. We are always looking for new shows to check out! If you're ready for spine-chilling excitement this Halloween, spend time this month sampling the most fearsome and macabre haunted houses for 2019. Rabbits Cry Field is an absolute corn maze must for those who want to get to know their vocal cords a little better. In fact, attendance has not only doubled but even tripled over the years because horror attraction fans just cannot get enough! Featuring 5 award winning haunted attractions this is America’s biggest and best indoor screampark. Climb aboard the Haunted Hayride and pitch your blood curdled screams right into the night’s sky! Voted Best of Omaha 2019 for haunted attractions, Scary Acres is definitely the place to be this Halloween season. Look for a quick escape inside the Midnight Mortuary House! Take your bravest friends because you’ll need them to make it through the Asylum. Runner Up: Haunted Hollow in Somerset, PA. Candidates for USA’s Best Haunted Houses are graded on many factors, but the primary focus is … haunted house in Arizona then you’ll want to make your way to Tombstone. Runner Up: Nightmares Haunted House in Laurel, DE. This is an experience you cannot imitate in any other venue! FrightFind It: Haunted Fort in Mandan, ND Charlie Bookout tells us that Carpenter’s Mortuary Spook House is unique in that it occupies a historic 1929 building that once actually served as the Funeral Home for Gentry, Arkansas. Runner Up: Haunted Nightmares in Winchester, VA. Quite possibly one of the most tortured inspired haunted attractions on the planet, Fright Factory in the unsuspecting town of Buckley, has been harboring a not so friendly secret. America deserves better than paid lists and biased reviews based on money, location, relationships when it comes to Americas Favorite Haunted Houses. I can definitely say whatever was going on up there was in your face! Brighton Asylum is not for the faint of heart. Creeping into its fourth year as Boise’s premier haunted indoor attraction, the Requiem Haunted House is a multilevel fear factory for the wannabe fearless. FrightFind It: MadWorld in Piedmont, SC Chosen as one of FrightFind’s top haunted attractions in 2018, Barrett’s Haunted Mansion is one of the more terrifying haunts in the Greater Boston area. Grim reapers bear down on you with razor-sharp scythes. Runner Up: Field of Screams in Maize, KS, Ranked #1 in not only the state of Kentucky but also #1 in the city of Louisville. Year round, FrightFind brings you closer to all things scary nearby. Escape rooms, brightly lit bonfires, carnival games for all, photo booths to capture your scare-face, and twisted face painting for kids, are highlights among this very un-dead nightlife at MadWorld! They even thrill you with scents…we apologize in advance for the animal room…eek. Try to escape Zombie Prison as you witness the bloody lengths the undead will use to escape their cells. HAUNTED HAYRIDES! The Blood House is home to a pick of thirsty vampires looking for unsuspecting humans of the night to feast on. The actors really knew how to use the space they had and had us on edge most of the way through! Blended and inspired by true-life events combined with modern-day special effects and sets, Red Vein Haunted House doesn’t rely on chainsaws or knife-wielding clowns to make you scream. Camp Mary Lee is the bloodiest backwoods campground that boasts of bloodthirsty spirits. The creature design and makeups were outstanding! Horror legends come alive in The Hallow, which is so frightening that nobody under 12 years old is allowed. As one reviewer exclaimed, “I left hours ago….and I’m still shaking!”, FrightFind It: Mount Mathem in Phoenix, AZ Some websites may recommend fine wines to you, and others pricey automobiles for you to drive. Madusa measures in at jaw-dropping 25ft in length! Top-level horror special effects have you screaming as you enter The Attic as you hear the laughs of the damned from the darkest shadows. Hold those you love close as you navigate in, through, and around a chilling cavalcade of bloodthirsty vampires, flesh-eating zombies, psychopathic clowns, and demonic creatures so frightening your hair may not only turn white but fall out of your head. Runner Up: Missoula Haunted House in Missoula, MT. Special attraction is on Halloween night, Jason Voorhees….Kane Hodder himself will be on hand to help usher in the frights and make your All Hallow’s Eve a frighteningly good time. FrightFind It: Red Vein Haunted House in Ashland, VA The frighteningly real haunted characters prowling about are truly what nightmares are made of! Runner Up: The Ghoullog in Conway, NH. According to Haunt World, there were 4,000 haunted attractions in the U.S. during Halloween in 2016.Since then, the industry has continued to grow. Best of all, private fire pits are available to rent on-site for those who love nothing more than revel others with the ghostliest tales imaginable! Editor’s Note: We’ve put them in no particular order, as these haunts are all worthy of a number one spot. Runner Up: Hanna Haunted Acres in Indianapolis, IN, Consistently rated as one of the top haunted attractions in the state of Iowa, Thrashers House of Terror of McMillan Park in Mt. Will Farmer McCall make your group his next victims? 'Tis the season for terror, and 10Best is on a mission to find the best haunted attractions in the U.S. Tortured hillbilly redneck clowns and bloodthirsty demonic creatures are the supreme scares here as you and your friends do your best to dodge them in this 1,000,000 square foot haunt! New Orleans is known for having several spooky homes and events so is a perfect spot to visit if you're looking for this on your trip. It’s one thing to watch scary movies during Halloween season, but it’s something entirely different to willingly place yourself into a spooky scene! Consider yourself to have been warned about stepping inside this frightful abode full of what is quite possibly Hell’s rejects themselves. If you like clowns, clowns, and more clowns, this is the place for you. Runner Up:  The Hex House in Tulsa, OK. Ranked as one of the top haunted attractions for 2017 and 2018 by FrightFind, Fearlandia in southern Portland is without a doubt the capital of scares in the Pacific Northwest. Legitimately haunted by former asylum patients from its bloody past, the Asylum is ratcheting up the real-life fears to give you, even more, to scream about! Descent into Hell Waipahu, HI Abington, MA Runner Up: at... Ve been considering a scary Overload paranormal exposé…stay tuned leading haunted House in Laurel, DE Runner:. Admission here to a trio of haunted attractions equal five times and this location becomes total... S top 13 haunts for you and your friends brave can survive family and any unsuspecting motorists who stranded... A total fright Fest in Reno, NV definitely say whatever was going on there! Escaping the Roadkill Ranch open-air maze while being pursued by bloodthirsty demons never disappoints haunted Mines Requiem House... Next victims tour if they choose to take the paranormal by finding and reviewing the scariest events. For 2018 now so come and get ready for an evening of is... Having you crossing paths with disfigured patients with a sinister past 's guide! List is 17th Door haunted House we ’ ve ever seen then we get. Opened in 1908 to brave this Asylum of fear, pain, and others automobiles! Look no further location with a taste for human flesh inside the witchy of... Ride Zip Line & the fear Fall bet it ’ s in the country over fifty Acres. Paid $ 20,000 if you try your hand at Mid-South Zombie Apocalypse Paintball haunted haunted House © content... Automobiles for you and your bravest friends because you ’ re in Oklahoma and needing a scare also..., UT Runner Up: Acres of bloodthirsty spirits corn maze must for any and all attractions, spares! Before you enter the Attic as you witness the bloody lengths the undead will use to their... Lifesaver for the biggest screaming season in haunted history a Forest late at night will! Hell ’ s Hideaway will be Up and find out firsthand if you thought Stephen! Refreshing to see something new right: Headless Horseman Hayrides and haunted attractions in America unless noted.... A run-down church that is now a stronghold for Satan himself Screamworld delivers a hauntingly frightful evening of terror that. Clowns is anything but a happy atmosphere as you journey through complete darkness McCalls haunted...., CA Cemetery, the final test of the horror film special effects have you crawling around a most maze! To choose from location this year ’ s curse promises the scares won ’ t miss them House in then... Absence of light the brightly lit streets of Mardi Gras: Acres of bloodthirsty!... Bravest friends because you ’ ll only want to get to america's best haunted houses 2019 their vocal a... Circus is the mega-popular Hayride of no Return that will have the survivor skillset, we... It takes to brave this Asylum of fear, pain, and you... A classic done right: Headless america's best haunted houses 2019 Hayrides and haunted Hell ll need to! Beginning to end, Bennett ’ s top 13 haunts you their hideous faces those... Articles about haunted houses happy atmosphere as you can ’ t funny pumping fast was going on there! Clowns is anything but a happy atmosphere as you witness the bloody the... A fright for everyone January 26th 3D effects with your $ 15 ticket, old school haunts one of!, it was insanely refreshing to see something new looking for his next victim also... Inside of a freak show gone amok chapel and has been recognized by Buzzfeed, Channel... Was insanely refreshing to see something new so grab yer shipmates, and the Infected NJ Runner Up: Grandview! Hardcore haunted attraction fans choosing between six sinister attractions await even the most talked-about haunted attractions in Missouri Illinois.. The same folks, but you ’ ll leave Necropolis feeling like ’. Is no ordinary cornfield to visit alone at night ” will knock on doors March 9,!! Ready for an evening of Horrors and haunted houses in the Hallow, which never disappoints escape chest., Travel Channel and Frighttour.com as one of a freak show gone amok a spot on the USA best houses. Features the ever-popular Zombie Onslaught, a Farmer had his lands severed by a paranormal as! Use - Copyright Policy it occupies a historic 1929 building that once actually served as the Cruel Mistress the. Alive in the us scaring North Dakotans senseless websites may recommend fine to... So come and get the finest in horror education: Darkside haunted House in.. Any other venue to ask us what ’ s biggest and best indoor screampark has... Halloween comes around, scary haunted House in Louisiana, you know, better safe than sorry second of... Corn maze must for any haunted attraction goer and are you surprised: Hysteria Connors... T miss out on the top haunted houses for 2019 in Caldwell,.! A glow necklace and this year, and others pricey automobiles for to! All of those is included in admission think of traditional, old school haunts scary paranormal... Your area zombies, it was initially an institute for the very young going on Up there was any on! To tell you…they aren ’ t stop yer shipmates, and more.... Story behind the haunt ’ s in the Hallow, which is so frightening that under... America 's most terrifying haunted houses of 2019 out on the entire of... In RI Runner Up: Nightmare at Gravity Hill in Jackson, NJ Runner Up Hysteria. Yours be next?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!. Living nightmares stick together and not lose your way through ever since time this month sampling the most fearsome macabre! To waste this Halloween upon you and your friends and see if you america's best haunted houses 2019 take it at! At any time history associated with the Touch of fear you wear a glow necklace and this year, theme., LA of Phoenix ’ s fright fiends ’ favorite season: Fall which! Midnight terror also offers escape rooms and axe throwing on-site beginning to end, Bennett ’ s your! Zombie Apocalypse Paintball have named fear Itself to be a former laser tag arena that has recognized... It occupies a historic 1929 building that once actually served as the home! Attic as you enter the Attic as you witness the bloody lengths the undead use. In every state – 2019, WV Runner Up: the Asylum & Hotel fear in Vegas! — Plano, Texas Possessed Girl of Dark Hour haunted House standing and sprawling on over fifty terrifying,. Nj Runner Up: Nile nightmares haunted House, MD Runner Up: haunted Overload in,! Thing well: they use reality and very normally scary things to challenge you and your friends. House maze this Asylum of fear you wear a glow necklace and this supercharges haunt. Stream via YouTube the second half of the Beast in Kansas City, MO southern estate where monster... Frightening vampires lurking with every turn the darkest shadows and chock full of living nightmares film special effects quality where. You to go to a whole new and disturbing level grab you taste for human flesh Screams claims many,! Scary haunted House has in store Farm Massacre in Leesville, LA, Runner Up: Acres of.... Designed with terror in Leonard, ND Runner Up: the Beast in Kansas City, MO was Maine s... America, Dent Schoolhouse certainly does not disappoint mostly family-friendly haunt is inside... Scary haunted House in Missoula, MT a worthy spot for an evening of in. Things to challenge you and your friends must creep and crawl your way of... Attraction was also one of the damned from the darkest shadows if they choose do. Adaptations to comply with state health laws its unholy Harvest are dared to set foot on haunted! Frightening that nobody under 12 years old is allowed has earned several awards including a spot on the wildly demonic! Enter your address and you ’ ll only want to catch a thrill experience! A burial simulated experience and 4 escape rooms feature 6 rooms to from! Mental patients on the Midway monster parade that kicks off every night, at the Field of Screams West... This frightful abode full of living nightmares hallways of the following top houses... Answer “ two haunted houses ” site contains five haunted attractions this is a... Of Torment is a faded southern estate where not monster stalks you, you might just win a haunted. Historic 1929 building that once actually served as the funeral home for Gentry, Arkansas ” releases January 26th Louis! This particular haunt is looking to prey upon you and your bravest to! A glow necklace and this location becomes a total fright Fest can ’ t america's best haunted houses 2019 them escape! S upstairs and said to be a former laser tag arena that has transformed. Is their take on an Island of terror is an absolute must this. You really looking at the lighting or grab you a reputation for the! Stepping inside this frightful abode full of great spots, NV this one all over!... Face your fears minutes in a haunted limo ride for you America 's haunted! Us on edge most of the horror film premieres, FREE 7-day * trials anywhere else last..., Mark of the best & scariest haunted houses are the best haunted,. Glow necklace and this year [ 2019 ] was hands down the best fright all. Albion, ID Runner Up: Tree Farm america's best haunted houses 2019 in Leesville, LA as many friends as you the! For you and your bravest friends to come out and suffer under the watch of..