Mimeoplasm for instance dies a lot and often the counters are simply wasted. There are multiple ways to achieve this feat. Do you want a deck with a flexible commander who can be whatever you need him to be? The effect isn’t limited to those with +1/+1 counters so even creatures that have the -1/-1 counters from persist will still tap for mana. Pretty good while paired with creatures that care for/use counters. Primer Ryan Sainio is a Graphic Designer who writes about EDH, the story of Magic and the EDH community in his down time. Doubling Season: Normally I refrain myself from including win-more cards in the decks I build. Terms of Use | Necrotic Ooze / Phyrexian Devourer Combined with our other card draw / card selection enchantments in Search for Azcanta Not exciting but solid. Copied to clipboard. Glen Elendra Archmage [3]: Simply great despite her frail body (2/2)! On this deck this Faerie Wizard will stick around more often then she normally does. Oh, and with Rishkar Mimeo is a mana dork too. Be advised we recorded this on Wednesday last week, and literally saw Kaalia five minutes before recording the segment about new cards. 2011-09-22: The two creature cards may come from the same graveyard or different graveyards. But the goodness continues, it gives +1/+1 to other non-Humans we control, destroys Humans that dealt damage to us and has strong evasion on Intimidate. He heavily utilizes the graveyard, which fits my favorite style of play. Help | Doubling Season basically doubles the counters placed on a permanent by an effect. Fun stuff! The fact that it has fear is also a nice bonus. Even if everything about the individual card changes; it is still the commander. Cytoplast Manipulator [3] / Cytoplast Root-Kin [4] / Plaxcaster Frogling [3]: Graft is the reason why they make the cut. For when it ETB it destroys ALL artifacts/enchantments in play and we get to put +1/+1 on it per destroyed permanent. Format: Freeform. $3.30. After all these years and for just it still excels ramping and fixing mana of decks with high color demands. Birds of Paradise [2]: The grand-"feather" of all mana-dorks. Mimeoplasm, for example, can copy a dead commander like any other creature card in your graveyard, but at least you can put that commander back in your command zone since it gets exiled (Mimeoplasm still comes into play as the copy). Requires constantly creatures on graveyards as it needs 2 creatures to exile when enters the battlefield. The thing is, the deck is designed to easily reset the -1/-1 persist counter on her by giving it a +1/+1 counter. The Mimeoplasm is a legendary ooze from Muraganda. We're reanimating big creatures, but usually we're not beating face with them. Those creature gain persist until EOT. Other spells that draw cards but were already mentioned on other sections Krosan Tusker, Titanoth Rex, Void Beckoner, The Great Henge. This site © 2020 TappedOut.net, LLC Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Or, you can kill your opponents creatures and then resurrect or clone them with either The Mimeoplasm or one of the many other cards in this deck capable of doing so. A Mimeoplasm deck can be anywhere from super casual to crazy competitive. The Ozolith: Interesting legendary artifact (costs just ) with a peculiar effect. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. It has the "hidden" advantage of preventing opponents from playing powerful enchantments/artifacts because we have an answer for them when needed. Feeds | I would recommend cutting Jin if your group is not very cutthroat. Glen Elendra Archmage and Puppeteer Clique are pivotal on that game plan. Fathom Mage), it gets a +1/+1, I draw 2 cards (one for the Mage's ability the other for the Henge), and the opponents nervously scratch their heads. Updated Nov 05, 2011 by Penguinizer using our MTG Deck Builder. You can now import it in the MTG Arena client. One of the most popular commanders out there is The Mimeoplasm, and Sheldon recently took the opportunity to share his build and how an average game might play out.. The quantity of sac outlets, creatures which we can remove all counters, ways to move counters around to reduce toughness's to 0, among others, turns his ability from ok to good allowing us to mince part or the entirety of our own board to "chop" the opponents board one creature at a time. Prime Speaker Vannifar [2]: Shares most of the virtues and defects of Birthing Pod. More Info: For special rulings visit the Gatherer page. For just we get a creature that goes to the grave when ETB, a second ability will also trigger where we gain 3 life, draw a card and we may put a land from the hand into play. Gyre Sage [2]: Taps for mana equal to to number of +1/+1 counters on it which is not very impressive in the beginning because he literally has none. Rarity: M Card Type: Legendary Creature P / T: 0 / 0 Description: As The Mimeoplasm enters the battlefield, you may exile two creature cards from graveyards. The best part though is that when it gets a counter we draw a card. What I enjoy most about this commander are the innumerable, divergent paths the deck takes during a game, while still feeling like a tightly synergistic pile of cards. One of the most popular commanders out there is The Mimeoplasm, and Sheldon recently took the opportunity to share his build and how an average game might play out.. Similar to Muldrotha, these cards are more suited to a grindy value deck. Mystic Remora and Rhystic Study are both also solid card draw / tax options, and there's a reason these are staples in EDH. Butcher of Malakir [3]: It is debatable if the Butcher is a board wipe but in this deck he behaves like one. Generally this makes a huge difference because we can deploy our creatures when it is more convenient rather than being bound to our main phases. Counter synergies? Just by reading Doubling Season it's easy to understand why some exceptions are made. This makes this land very interesting as it is a source of card advantage, allows to cheat something into play at instant speed and it also taps for . For you can Transmute it to tutor for any juicy target with 4 cmc (the Guard's cost is ). $4.99. This week we're talking about the upcoming Commander product, 1-drops, barriers to entry for the format, and some other odds and ends. was just never my style. the Undying goodness of Mikaeus, the Unhallowed. If it wins through infinite combos, they go here. Add All to Cart. Overall I don't think I'd ever be sad to reanimate or even just plain play this card. Walking Ballista [3]: The ballista is the definition of flexibility in the deck. This in a deck packed with creatures, creatures with built-in ways of getting into the graveyard and a lot of sacrifice outlets is a very interesting proposition. Does everything we need it to. This is a very good grindy, value card, but that's not what this deck is looking to include. 1.48 TIX. When dead, it creates 1/1 Thopter tokens with flying (hence considering the Walker with evasion) where is the number of counter on it. For just and at instant speed Entomb allows us to find a single creature (can tutor for everything). For instance Phyrexian Dreadnought which gives Mimeo +12/+12 counters and will make it tap for 12x. My first EDH deck was the, In this deck, we're mostly winning by casting The Mimeoplasm when graveyards are full, as a copy of. ... mill or commander damage. Terms of Use | The more everyone's graveyard is full, the bigger our commander will be when we cast him due to creatures like Lord of Extinction. As The Mimeoplasm enters the battlefield, you may exile two creature cards from graveyards. With a Golgari Toughness-Matters theme, this Ikra Shidiqi, the Usurper deck won't hurt your budget, but will do some damage for $33.15. Hangarback Walker [4]: Casting it costs . This demon has deals to offer, and boy are we willing to partake! Gaea's Cradle: More than 40% of the cards on the deck are creatures so this land is really an auto-include. Can you find them all? The fun, for me at least, is more the way we get to the end and the fact that our game-ending play is usually to make a huge guy. Fortunately, he has Evolve which will make him get a +1/+1 counter every time a creature comes into play under our control with greater power/toughness which will occur often. Amazing card on its own, retarded in the company of Doubling Season. One of her key selling points is to pay to sacrifice her and counter target non-creature spell (keeps most board at bay..) and then comes back to do it all again due to Persist. Copied to clipboard. Have any idea(s) on how to improve it? If Mimeo enters the battlefield as a copy of a creature card that enters the battlefield with a number of +1/+1 counters, it'll with those +1/+1 counters and +1/+1 counters equal to the power of the other exiled card. If unanswered the deck "snowballs" really hard. Despite other decent options like Opal Palace these were chosen for being overall more impactful. This will require TappedOut.js included in your blog. 14:50. Tough to remove, fills our graveyard, provides great card selection. Can I untap a The Mimeoplasm (copying, say, a Colossus of Sardia with Polar Kraken counters on it) with Minamo, School at Water's Edge? High Power? A Mimeoplasm deck can be anywhere from super casual to crazy competitive. Wait, we are playing green..Why is this in here? Built around the Old-School combo of Prodigal Sorcerer and Fungusaur, this Commander deck features a number of cards that deal damage to your own creatures so they get better. Tariel, Reckoner of Souls Puppeteer Clique [2]: Clique also has persist and when it ETB reanimates a creature from an opponents graveyard. He heavily utilizes the graveyard, which fits my favorite style of play. Scavenging Ooze [2]: Graveyard hate royalty! It also can fill an important role when you want to attack/block without losing board presence. Reanimator. Solid card to reanimate into. The Mimeoplasm. Commander / EDH* Terastodon / Woodfall Primus I loaded it full with cards like Mindleech Mass, Sheoldred, Whispering One, and Artisan of Kozilek, with some of the weaker reanimation spells like Soul Exchange or Stitch Together. Entomb / Buried Alive: Cards with very similar role which is to tutor for card(s) to put on the graveyard. Triskelion [3]: When there's Trike there's Mike (Mikaeus, the Unhallowed). Commander progenitor and Judge Emeritus Sheldon Menery writes a column on StarCityGames.com where he details his Commander decks. The other important thing is that basically all of these help us reach our end goal of drawing cards and filling up graveyards. For all creatures on the graveyard get exiled and the ones on the battlefield sacrificed (useful against hard to remove creatures). $4.49. For we will be able to proliferate turn after turn and benefit from all the counter synergies that the deck has to offer. We can then cast the Ballista for X=0, it will immediately die, and then we can cast our commander and hopefully win, or at least take out 1-2 people. The Mimeoplasm is cool in that it’s a mashup between Quicksilver Gargantuan and Body Double. is the numer of +1/+1 counters placed on the creature. Set: Commander Mana Cost: Card Type: Legendary Creature - Ooze Description: As The Mimeoplasm enters the battlefield, you may exile two creature cards from graveyards. Mystical Tutor is very flexible and can grab reanimation, card draw, or removal for us. $0.65. This ooze puts so much work specially if you are playing against "graveyard matter" decks. Shame that it doesn't have a built-in way of going to the graveyard for the perfect 5 score! Most if not all of these cards are in Near Mint or Mint condition. C-Sphinx draws more cards, but Nezahal is nearly impossible to remove, and will draw you cards very reliably throughout the game. When a creature we control with counters leaves play we put counters of the same kind on The Ozolith (+1/+1, -1/-1, Trample,..). Primer Even if it's not the most perfect fit for the deck (no built-in way to go to the graveyard, low power and no counter synergies) it still gets the job done hitting a problematic artifact, enchantment or even land. Massacre Wurm [2]: This though to cast creature () has an ETB ability that gives -2/-2 to all the opponents creatures (is non-symmetrical) which is not particularly impressive but that combined with the second paragraph, whenever a creature an opponent control dies he loses 2 life, will sometimes kill the tokens player out of nowhere. You choose how much life you pay (X) and ALL creatures get −X/−X until end of turn. Yavimaya Elder [2]: This old fella while not brilliant is still a good way of ramping/fixing. For just 1 mana the value it brings is absurd and in a deck composed by more than 40% in creatures.. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Magic The Gathering - The Mimeoplasm - Commander's Arsenal - Foil at Amazon.com. Prime Speaker Zegana [2]: It has no built-in way of getting it into the graveyard, no evasion and only power 1 (so it can't really be used on Mimeo for the counters). Using Animate Dead or Necromancy on Kederekt Leviathan returns all non-land permanents to their owners hands...including the enchantment reanimating it. Often we are able to assemble a pretty powerful The Mimeoplasm and giving it unblockable or fear can kill a player with commander damage in 1 or 2 attacks. They can also prevent your creatures from being stolen or can kill creatures with persist/undying so that you can benefit for example from Woodfall Primus's trigger. In short, draw lots of cards, fill up graveyards (both ours and our opponents), cast Mimeoplasm as a damage-dealer, and win. Titanoth Rex [4]: Pretty high "SCAPE" score but deservedly as it excels as an enabler. Click the add button on any card to start building your decklist. Clear. This will require TappedOut.js included in your blog. I also know that The Mimeoplasm only needs to deal 21 damage to kill with Commander Damage. But alone what does Trike do? 3555-1 US HWY 17 , Suite 1, Fleming Island, Florida PRODUCTS If you do, it enters the battlefield as a copy of one of those cards with a number of additional +1/+1 counters on it equal to the power of the other card. Volrath's Stronghold: Probably one of the best recursion lands in magic. I don't currently run any of those cards, but they're worth considering I think. It's a great card for the deck - add it if it fits your budget and meta. Mana acceleration is very important in Duel Commander. That creature gains haste but we have to sacrifice it at the end of turn. Bane of Progress [2]: Just a 2 on our SCAPE scale but oh boy is the ability powerful. So I trimmed down and focused the targets, trimmed down the reanimation spells, and focused less on going all-in on an early creature, while still giving myself the chance to hit it big if we draw a good hand. Definitely brings something to the table but falls short on other important categories such as counter synergies, high power and evasion. 2011-09-22: You choose which one The Mimeoplasm is copying and which one determines how many +1/+1 counters are placed on The Mimeoplasm as The Mimeoplasm enters the battlefield. This might be the deck for you. Retribution of the Ancients: While building the deck I decided to experiment this enchantment and so far it has been a nice surprise. The Mimeoplasm rulings: 2011-09-22: You can’t choose to exile just one creature card. Every time I'm considering a creature for the deck I have to think about what it does with Mike. Playing creatures, moving counters to it, putting counters with abilities, all of this will draw us cards. ; 12:55 [CMR] Commander Legends; 11:47 Brew-inspiratie door Commander … Dryad Arbor: Part of the Green Sun's Zenith's package it can ramp us in the early turns and later on can be Skullclamp fodder, sacrificed for Birthing Pod and being upgraded to a Deathrite Shaman, among other applications. Contact | Magic the Gathering, FNM is TM and copyright Wizards of the Coast, Inc, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved. For it gets cycled giving us a basic land in hand, a new card (replaces itself) and a 6/5 body in the graveyard ready to add +6/+6 counters for the next time we cast Mimeoplasm. Recurring Undying is really an upside if you can consistently get rid of the +1/+1 counter(s). While breakin' down my creature selection I will do a SCAPE check (has Self-Sacrifice? By the way, the drawback (discard a creature to tutor for another)..The Mimeoplasm loves it! A dedicated self-mill commander, Sidisi, Brood Tyrant is a card that is capable … Graveyard hate available from the command zone. If you do, it enters the battlefield as a copy of one of those cards with a number of additional +1/+1 counters on it equal to the power of the other card. Any “As [this card] enters the battlefield,” “[This card] enters the battlefield with,” and “When [this card] enters the battlefield” abilities of that creature card will work. He's budget friendly, he's fun to use, and his art is pretty too. This take on the green-blue-black commander isn't as focused on … Treat Mimeo as the creature card it’s copying entering the battlefield. Creatures that check for all 5 parameters will have grade 5 and therefore have high compatibility with The Mimeoplasm and with what the deck is trying to do. For we get a 0/0 creature with 2 +1/+1 counters. It is pretty good when we have an engine online like Birthing Pod and we can chain persist creatures adding bodies to the board without losing any. Cauldron of Souls: Nothing short of great in the deck. This site is unaffiliated. It will rarely be something that you wanna copy on Mimeo but the fact that has flying at least makes you consider it. The mana that you can get from Phyrexian Tower can come handy when you need to cast expensive spells ahead of curve or traditionally hard to cast spells due to like Mikaeus, the Unhallowed or Massacre Wurm. Discord Server | Firstly, there's the obvious strategy of Final Parting to send a big creature to the graveyard and grab a reanimation spell for our hand. The second, we can pay and add a +1/+1 counter to it so virtually never runs out of counters.